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2012 Annual Meeting Report

Bryan PD Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Mike Watson addresses the meeting

The 2012 Annual Meeting was held Monday, January 16, 7pm at Mary Branch Elementary.

Twenty-one (21) members attended (representing 27 votes) along with 66 proxies representing 99 votes. The total count of votes present, in person or by proxy, was 126. 

As always, we needed a quorum of 25% of the 193 members (49), or their proxies, to officially hold the meeting. Proxies were distributed by hand and were also be available for download on the WWE website.

The following items were covered:

  1. Late dues penalties and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.
  2. The need to update the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions and Bylaws. According to our bylaws, a simple majority of residents (193/2 = 96.5 + 1 = 98) have to approve starting the process of updating the Association’s Bylaws and Deed Restrictions. This process, once initiated, may take 3-6 months to complete and will incorporate public comment. A Special Vote will be held later to approve changes. The Board recommended a “Yes” vote. This passed:
    • Votes YES: 106
    • Votes NO: 20
  3. Elections of new Board members. Mark Coppock and James Carter were elected to serve 2-year terms.
  4. The fiscal report was submitted by Treasurer Walter Kamphoefner.

2011 Annual Meeting Report

The 2011 annual meeting was held Thursday, January 13, 2011 at at Mary Branch Elementary. 15 members attended along with 58 members represented by proxy.

At that time the following members were elected to the Westwood Estates Board of Directors:

  • Andy Merritt
  • Mike Stafford
  • Walter Kamphoefner (re-elected for a second term)

Chris Galindo volunteered to be on the Architectural Control Committee, and Brad Brelsford took over as Block Captain of Dewberry.

Thanks to everyone who attended or signed a proxy, and particular thanks to Gene Savage whose proxies gave us the quorum to have the meeting.

Halloween Party and Newsletter

Thanks again to Laura Stafford for putting on this party!

Also, the Fall 2010 Westwood Estates Newsletter is ready. Thanks again Clyde Garland!

You can view and download this and past newsletters on the Newsletters page.


Car Burglaries

From Officer Will Holt of the Bryan Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team (I highlighted some parts):

Car burglaries are continuing to plague both Bryan and College Station.  Both of your HOAs (WWECIA and Rosewood Homeowners Group) have seen a big increase in vehicle burglaries over the last two months.  The bad guys are breaking into cars in neighborhoods like y’alls, which normally are very quiet places to live.

  • PLEASE remove valuables from your car each night.
  • If you must leave them in your car, please hide them.
  • LOCK your car doors.
  • If you see someone in your neighborhood that you know doesn’t belong there, and they are not going directly to and from another household to visit, then report them immediately to us by calling 361-3888 or 911, depending on the circumstances.
  • Record serial numbers for electronic items that you travel with or use in your home, like: iPods, GPS, after-market stereos, firearms, etc.

The vast majority of car break-ins have been “smash and grabs.” Citizens leave their valuables in plain sight, the bad guy sees this from outside the car, breaks the window, reaches in and steals your stuff, and walks away.  It is a very quick crime of opportunity that is hard for us to catch, and little evidence is left behind.  Don’t be a victim!  Thank you.

Officer Holt sends these updates to the Westwood Estates Yahoo Group email list. If you’re not on this list, please sign up. Also, here’s an an attachment with some additional information and reminders he added to his email.



Snow person on Westwood Main 2-23-10. Still snowing at 7:30.

The snow a few weeks ago was special, considering it was the third time this year, and the second year in a row we had snow. This time had the largest snowflakes I’ve ever seen, as far as I can remember.

Here are some nice links I saw of snow around our area:

Coyotes, Bobcats, and more

Coyote picture from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website

On Christmas Day, a resident on the west side of Westwood Main had a pet chicken killed. No one saw it happen, but feathers were observed on and outside of the outer fence. It appears that the chicken had been taken outside the fence.

These chickens are ordinarily kept in a separate, fenced enclosure within a fenced backyard, but were allowed to walk around in a fenced back yard in the daytime. Some days later, this resident saw a coyote standing outside the fence, and it was not scared off when she approached it on her side of the fence.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010, another Westwood Main resident two doors down from the previous one had her small dog killed by an animal that had left teeth marks on both sides of its body (suggesting a large-mouthed predator) and broken its neck, possibly by shaking it abruptly. This dog was presumably inside its fenced back yard, since it had just gone outside and was barking at something. But it was found just outside the fence after its owner heard it yelp and immediately stop barking.

Numerous residents have reported hearing coyotes howling nearby recently. Bobcats have also been seen. And as recently as 2005, when Traditions was still under construction, a cougar was observed very clearly just off Villa Maria Road east of the Traditions entrance.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website has some excellent information regarding dealing with urban animals whose habitats are being encroached upon. The cougar was reported to them, and the coyotes will be also. If anyone has any additional information or reports, please share them in the comments section.

Please be aware that there is at least one large predator roaming the outskirts of our neighborhood and protect your pets accordingly.

2010 Annual Meeting Report

The Westwood Estates 2010 Annual Meeting was held Thursday, Jan. 14. Though the technical requirements of a two-week minimum notice (see the Bylaws) were satisfied by an announcement in the Fall Newsletter, a scheduling mix up caused another reminder notice to not get out in time. 5 members attended with 8 votes, with one other attending briefly, who left his proxy. A total of 54 proxies (thanks to Clyde Garland for collecting these) added up to a total of 62 votes.

Elections for board members took place. Mark Coppock was re-elected to serve from 2010-2012, and long-time Westwood South Block Captain and Park Coordinator Nancy Coppock was elected as well to fill the other open spot from 2010-2012. See the Westwood Estates Board Members page for the full list.

However, the board will be losing its President, James Haliburton, who is moving out of the neighborhood. He has agreed to stay on the board until the first 2010 board meeting on Feb. 10, 8pm at Walter Kamphoefner’s home at 3209 Deer Trail. At that meeting, the board will decide who holds what office. The board has one volunteer so far to fill the position that will be opening up. See the Bylaws for information on the Board of Directors.

This website was introduced. Its purpose is to serve as a convenient resource for Westwood Estates residents, and whatever else we choose to make it. While one of the reasons the board originally thought to start this site was to reduce the cost of printing the newsletter twice a year, we were correctly reminded at the meeting that a website should never replace face-to-face communication between neighbors.

One suggestion made was that, in the future, each block captain might be responsible for determining who on their block prefers a paper copy of the newsletter be delivered to them and who would prefer simply reading their copy from the website and/or printing it themselves if they choose. The board will consider all residents’ suggestions in this matter. You may leave a comment on this post and/or attend any meeting to voice your opinion. Special ongoing thanks goes to Clyde Garland who assembles the newsletters for the association.

See the Meeting Minutes page, or download the minutes of this meeting directly.