Board Members

Board meetings usually occur the third Monday of each month. Any Westwood Estates homeowner may attend. Pass along your ideas and concerns to your Block Captain or any Board Member, or bring them yourself to any meeting.

  • Terms are for two years
  • The Board has five members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-At-Large
  • Any owner can run for office
  • Elections are held at each annual meeting in January
  • Officers are voted on by the Board at the February meeting

Current board members (as of 4-18-22):

  • John Byers, President
  • Bill Evans, Vice President
  • Elaine Platt, Treasurer
    3021 Hummingbird Cr.
  • Mike Stafford, Treasurer
  • Mark Coppock, Member at Large
    3022 Westwood Main, 979-574-7595

One response to “Board Members”

  1. Andy Merritt says :

    when is the annual meeting?

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