Dues for Westwood Estates are $80/year. Dues are to be paid in January as a one-time payment for the year.

The property management we use is:

Association Services
427 Dellwood St.
Bryan, TX  77801

Late Dues Billing System: Past due accounts to pay collection costs.

In the past, the extra cost that occurred when attempting to collect late dues was paid for by all of us. Starting 1/31/2009 all extra cost caused by late due accounts will be charged directly to that account. The Board has implemented an automatic late due billing system for those that are over one year late and will be charging them the cost of the extra “Past Due” bills that will be mailed to them. Our bookkeeper has been instructed to send an extra bill by regular mail to those who are over one year late as of 1/31/2009 and add $10 to the amount owed to cover cost. Our bookkeeper has also been instructed to send an extra bill by certified mail to those who are over one year late as of 9/30/2009 and add $30 to the amount owed to cover costs.

This billing system will run parallel to any other efforts the Board my implement to encourage late accounts to pay up. All other cost, like lawyer fees, filling liens, court cost, foreclosure cost, etc. will also be added to amount owed. The first Past Due bill has been mailed and $10 has been added to the bills of the recipients.

5 responses to “Dues”

  1. Cecil Rhodes says :

    3105 Hummingbird Cr.
    I sent my dues check in on October 1st and it has not been deposited yet. Would you please give me the bookkeepers name and phone number? I would like to speak with him about this.

    Thank you.

    • westwoodestatesboard says :

      Mr. Rhodes, we should have had that information on this page originally. Sorry for overlooking it; we’ve now added it at the top.

  2. Sherry S. Boyd says :

    Hello, I live out of town and noticed that the CPA’s phone number does not include the area code. Can you please provide? Thank you, Sherry

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