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We want to acknowledge Clyde Garland for his generous past service to our community in producing our newsletters and flyers. He retired from this service in 2011, after having produced these for many years. Thank you Clyde!

5 responses to “Newsletters”

  1. Gene savage says :

    Recently I refinanced a building on cougar trail, … University title charged me $30. They said it was a charge by westwood estate. Where does the money go, I found no income category to match.

    • Andy Merritt says :


      Anytime a house is refinanced or sold, a title company contacts our CPA to verify the HOA dues are in good standing. The CPA must research the account and prepare a report for the title company. On occassion, a Resale Certificate is also prepared. The CPA charges for his time and bills the HOA. To offset the expense, WECIA charges $30. $30 no longer covers his expense and the Board voted a few months ago to increase the fee to $50 which is in line with other HOAs, per our CPA. I re-financed my house last November and also had to pay the fee. The fee is not an income producer for WECIA.

      Andy Merritt

  2. Christian (Chris) Galindo says :

    This site is excellent. Lots of information. Well presented.

  3. Kyle Foster says :

    Thank you for an enjoyable & informative annual meeting.

    I made a couple of comments related to crime and surveillance, which Mike Stafford indicated would be carried forward to the next Board Meeting.

    Our family recently experienced a theft involving my wheels/tires being removed from my truck while out of town.

    Thought I would share an auto insurance tidbit I was not aware. If you carry full coverage on your vehicle you will likely have 2 categories of coverage, collision & comprehensive. Comprehensive is the part of the policy that covers theft, hail, tree limbs falling, hitting an animal….etc.

    The “tidbit”, you can have a different deductible on comprehensive versus collision. I now have 2 deductibles on my truck, differing amounts. We typically consider a single deductible on all vehicles carrying full coverage, but you can do as I have shared.

    Feel free to contact your insurance provider if this interests you. The monthly increase on my comprehensive coverage was not harsh at all, and should my wheels be stolen again not hear as painful.

    Kyle Foster

  4. Andy Merritt says :

    Thank you Kyle, great tip. It’s unfortunate we have to contemplate such things though.

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