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WECIA Board Meeting of Monday, April 10, 2023

Call to order: 7:06 pm by Mike Stafford

Members present: Roger Edgar, Clyde Stant, Mike Stafford
Residents present: AJ Renold and son, Ronen, Laura Stafford

Minutes from last meeting approved: minutes not available

Treasurer’s Report

No report

Block Reports


Residents’ Concerns

New “No Parking” signs are awesome! Net officer is trying to get the park sign replaced at the bottom of the hill where it was destroyed by a wreck.

Old Business

Easter in the Park- Mike moved for payment to be made for materials ordered (will save for next year). Roger seconded. Motion carried

Action on top debtors- Approximately 15 residents owe over $300. No current list provided by Association Services.

Newsletter “Your Voice” by Mark Coppock- this will continue bi-annually. Readers and Board members all pleased.

Park Equipment Ideas, plans, form a committee- Billy has possible grant, but no updates. Need to fill in around basketball court to pickleball court will be safer. Ronen is working on Eagle Scout. He will provide a blueprint, materials needed, and approximate costs to tear down the rotting retaining wall and replace it with rocks (Gabion Wall), and the time frame for completion. Ronen will present his proposal at the next meeting. City of Bryan accepting grant proposals for community improvement. Roger suggested security cameras for the park. He will research costs. Possibly just put up Under Surveillance signs as a deterrent to vandalism.

New Business

New Board Positions: President: Mike Stafford, Vice President: Billy Evans, Treasurer: Roger Edgar, Secretary: Clyde Stant, Member at Large: Mark Coppock

Mike made a motion to approve. Clyde seconded. Motion passed.

Park Maintenance and Improvements- see Old Business

What options for management services? Mike asked for the board to interview 2 new companies. Roger suggested they attend a meeting and present what they will offer and the cost.

Roger suggested a group text for communication purposes. Mike will look into the REMIND app for use.

Next Meeting: Mike will call board members for possible dates and will report back to all members. Date not set at this time.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:55 pm. Mike made a motion to adjourn. Roger seconded. Motion carried.

WEICA Board meeting of Monday, May 16, 2022 – minutes

Call to Order: 7:00pm

Members Present:  Billy Evans, Elaine Platt, Mark Coppock, Michael Stafford plus 3 homeowners

Minutes from April board meeting: Mike made a move to approve minutes as written, Mark seconded, all approved

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine requested 3 Documents from HOA- current balance= $37,539.47

Profit and Loss Statement, List of owners in Arrears, Arrears= $6335.00

HOA almost late in paying insurance- board will remind them as insurance does not send bill to them. HOA current insurance is $1000.00 less than other bids, so board will continue as is now.

Motion made by Billy and 2nd by Elaine to get 6 mos. of statements for board to review- motion carried

Block Reports: Need park rules sign. Mike made sign holders, no “H” wires with signs from HOA.

Old Business: 

  • Service Pole for entrance repair or replacement- ongoing- Billy will get 3rd estimate from E&E Electric. Current estimates= $1100 install only, $3000 install + pole. Pole with wiring and new wiring box=$628 at McCoy’s with possible 10% military discount. City will cut off power,etc. Installer will need permit to replace pole.  (on-going)
  • Additional trash container- Mike will check Amazon for a “doggie poo box”. Still trying to remove one frame to re-use by BB court.  (on-going)
  • Board Communication- Trello App will be used by board. Billy will set up group. Mike called for action by board, Mark 2nd, motion carried
  • Trimming along Gabbard Rd- mayor candidate Brent Hairston contacted City and they sent out a crew. 
  • Purchase 2 hoses for park at $75 each- Mark called for action, Elaine 2nd, motion carried
  • Replacement of neighborhood watch signs- Mark has pictures, Mike will contact his city contact to see if 9 signs can be replaced for $350.00 plus a community sign. Mike made a motion, Elaine 2nd, motion carried
  • Action on late dues: June 20th decision once board has all documentation to review from HOA- on-going
  • Park supplies- weed killer, ant killer- Request separate check from mowing to track costs- Motion made with hose replacement

New Business:

  • Action on late dues
  • Inventory created of consumable materials for park: bulbs, PVC pipe, weed killer, ant killer, hoses,etc
  • AJ Reynolds introduced herself as Bryan District 5 single Member District Candidate
  • Dead tree by Pavilion- plan being developed to remove tree- on going

Meeting adjourned: 8:00

Next Meeting: June 20th, 7:00 p.m. at the Park

National Night Out 2014

NNO2014WThis year’s Neighborhood Night Out will be Tuesday, October 7, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm.

Several blocks are having their own block party, and there will be one party in the park for those whose block is not. If you’re not sure, check with your block captain or the email the Board.

We will look forward to seeing you there!

Halloween Party in the park!

Westwood Estates Halloween Party

By the way, there are two black cats who live across from the park. Maybe they’ll come around. 😉

This Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30 – 6:30 in the park.

Bring the kids!!

Easter Party 2012—everyone is welcome!!

No eggs here yet, but soon.

Friday, April 06
5:30 – dark
Westwood Community Park

5:30 pm: Food, Snacks, Drinks

6:00 pm: Easter Egg Hunt

If you’d like, download the flyer to put on your ‘fridge so you’ll remember!

Lost Sheltie

Sheltie dog

Stryder, formerly missing Sheltie, now found

UPDATE: DOG FOUND!   A story with a good ending!

From Brad Brelsford, Dewberry Block Captain:

On Friday, March 9th, 9:30am, our dog got out of our yard. He is a 20+ pound Tricolor Sheltie named Stryder. It was storming when he got out so I imagine he was disoriented with the rain and thunder.

The 2818/Villa Maria interchange discussion, with input from Dale Picha (email), City of Bryan Traffic Engineer. His post from 1-27-12:

FM 2818 will go over Villa Maria. No additional right of way is necessary for construction (which should begin soon). Close example of what it will look like is probably SH 6 and Harvey Road. Similar to how Harvey goes under SH 6 with signals on each side, VM will go under 2818 with signals on each side. Also, turnaround lanes under the bridge to make u-turns on FM 2818. One-way ramps will provide access to/from each roadway. Call our local TxDOT office (778-9600) and they can share a schematic of the project, or feel free to call or email me and I’ll share what I have.

Southwest Bryan Best Use Study Report from Jan. 2009. This is a *huge* download (173 MB!. Click the link and make a pot of coffee. It may take awhile.)

Coyotes again

photo from the flier

See this Letter to Bryan Residents from the city: Coyote Info Flier.

A resident’s summary in her post to the Westwood Estates Yahoo Group: small dogs and cats on the menu.

Past stories on this site:

Return of Predators

Coyotes, Bobcats and more

Fall Newsletter and the upcoming Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting now Jan. 16

The Spring Newsletter, and the Halloween Party flyer, both had a different date. Our new date for the 2012 Annual Meeting is:

Monday, January 16, 2012, 7pm
Mary Branch Elementary

On the meeting agenda

1) Late dues penalties and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.

2) The need to update the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions. UPDATE: We’ll also be needing to update the Bylaws.

3) Elections of new Board members. We’ll need at least two people, ideally three, to volunteer to run.

4) The fiscal report will be submitted by Treasurer Walter Kamphoefner.

Download the 2012 Annual Meeting Agenda (PDF)

We need you. Or your proxy.

As always, we need a quorum of 25% of the 193 members (49), or their proxies, to officially hold the meeting. Proxies will be distributed by hand and will also be available for download on the WWE website.

To proceed with the process of updating the bylaws (we’d like to update them in the next few months), we’ll need a simple majority of members—50% plus one, which is 98 votes.

Update: You may download a proxy.


The Fall 2011 Newsletter is ready. It can be downloaded on the Newsletters page, or download it by clicking here: Fall 2011 Newsletter.

Our new NET Officer

Officer Watson with police car in background

Please welcome our new NET Officer, Mike Watson. Officer Watson is shown here at the Westwood North and South Neighborhood Night Out block party.

As you may have heard, our former Neighborhood Enforcement Team officer, Will Holt, has chosen to get some further Criminal Justice education. We thank him for his service to our city and neighborhood, and welcome Officer Mike Watson, his replacement.

Hopefully you were able to meet Officer Watson when he made the rounds at the Neighborhood Night Out Block parties in October.

Some numbers to have on hand:

  • Crime Stopper’s Report Line: 361-3888
  • Bryan Police Department’s regular number: 209-5300
  • Of course, in an emergency dial 911