The 2818/Villa Maria interchange discussion, with input from Dale Picha (email), City of Bryan Traffic Engineer. His post from 1-27-12:

FM 2818 will go over Villa Maria. No additional right of way is necessary for construction (which should begin soon). Close example of what it will look like is probably SH 6 and Harvey Road. Similar to how Harvey goes under SH 6 with signals on each side, VM will go under 2818 with signals on each side. Also, turnaround lanes under the bridge to make u-turns on FM 2818. One-way ramps will provide access to/from each roadway. Call our local TxDOT office (778-9600) and they can share a schematic of the project, or feel free to call or email me and I’ll share what I have.

Southwest Bryan Best Use Study Report from Jan. 2009. This is a *huge* download (173 MB!. Click the link and make a pot of coffee. It may take awhile.)

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