WEICA Board meeting of Monday, May 16, 2022 – minutes

Call to Order: 7:00pm

Members Present:  Billy Evans, Elaine Platt, Mark Coppock, Michael Stafford plus 3 homeowners

Minutes from April board meeting: Mike made a move to approve minutes as written, Mark seconded, all approved

Treasurer’s Report: Elaine requested 3 Documents from HOA- current balance= $37,539.47

Profit and Loss Statement, List of owners in Arrears, Arrears= $6335.00

HOA almost late in paying insurance- board will remind them as insurance does not send bill to them. HOA current insurance is $1000.00 less than other bids, so board will continue as is now.

Motion made by Billy and 2nd by Elaine to get 6 mos. of statements for board to review- motion carried

Block Reports: Need park rules sign. Mike made sign holders, no “H” wires with signs from HOA.

Old Business: 

  • Service Pole for entrance repair or replacement- ongoing- Billy will get 3rd estimate from E&E Electric. Current estimates= $1100 install only, $3000 install + pole. Pole with wiring and new wiring box=$628 at McCoy’s with possible 10% military discount. City will cut off power,etc. Installer will need permit to replace pole.  (on-going)
  • Additional trash container- Mike will check Amazon for a “doggie poo box”. Still trying to remove one frame to re-use by BB court.  (on-going)
  • Board Communication- Trello App will be used by board. Billy will set up group. Mike called for action by board, Mark 2nd, motion carried
  • Trimming along Gabbard Rd- mayor candidate Brent Hairston contacted City and they sent out a crew. 
  • Purchase 2 hoses for park at $75 each- Mark called for action, Elaine 2nd, motion carried
  • Replacement of neighborhood watch signs- Mark has pictures, Mike will contact his city contact to see if 9 signs can be replaced for $350.00 plus a community sign. Mike made a motion, Elaine 2nd, motion carried
  • Action on late dues: June 20th decision once board has all documentation to review from HOA- on-going
  • Park supplies- weed killer, ant killer- Request separate check from mowing to track costs- Motion made with hose replacement

New Business:

  • Action on late dues
  • Inventory created of consumable materials for park: bulbs, PVC pipe, weed killer, ant killer, hoses,etc
  • AJ Reynolds introduced herself as Bryan District 5 single Member District Candidate
  • Dead tree by Pavilion- plan being developed to remove tree- on going

Meeting adjourned: 8:00

Next Meeting: June 20th, 7:00 p.m. at the Park

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