WECIA Board meeting of Monday, June 20, 2022

Call to order: 7:01 by John Byers
Board Members present: Billy, John, Mark, Mike
Others: Patti, of Rolling Glenn; Amy, of Hummingbird; Laura Stafford, 3009 Westwood Main

Minutes/Previous Meeting Notes: motion made by John Byers, seconded by Mike Stafford, Motion carried, with the correct spelling of Billy’s name

Treasurer’s Report

$8000 gross net since May. Income from dues being paid. Elaine is working on getting last 6 months statements and reviewing them. This is in progress.

Current Dues = $80 year.

Block and Officer’s Report

Homeowner suggested speed bumps for speeders on Westwood Main

Mike requests temporary radars each year at start of school, and higher police presence

Complaints about vehicles on blind curve. Mike will talk with B. Bean about possibly painting curb red on one side

Complaints about overgrown trees and brush by 4-plexes. Mike will speak with Gene Savage about cutting it back.

Mike will connect with NET officer regarding complaints as well.

Old Business

Power Service Pole – 2 bids- Univ. Electric Service $1505 and BCA Electric at $1405, but bid is from March. Billy made a motion to accept bid up to $1650 with installation by Sept. 1. Board appointed Billy to oversee installation. Billy will vet bidders and follow through. Motion made by Billy, MIke seconded motion, motion carried. We may be tax free. Mike will check on this.

Action on Top Debtors: Association services will be authorized to collect fees via attorneys for owners in arrears over $300. Motion made by Mike, seconded by Mark, motion carried. Mike will speak with Association Services to direct them to proceed.

Neighborhood Watch signage: B. Bean with city of Bryan is in progress of getting costs to replace the signage. Mark took pictures of all old, faded signs. Mike working on costs with board approval up to $350.00. In addition, Mike is trying to get Community of Bryan signage for Tradition entrance and for North Westwood entrance.

Park Improvements in Progress: new hoses, weed killer, and ant poison purchased. New trash can still in progress. Merry go Round needs repairs. Mike will check costs to repair rusty pieces, new bearings, and paint. Bid due at September meeting

New Business

Newsletter – Mark will be in charge and be “voice” for the board. Newsletter will be 2-sided and be ready before National Night Out. Mike will ask Sabrina if she will host National Night Out and Halloween. Patti will be glad to pass out Rolling Glen or any street needed.

Next Meeting

September 12 at 7:00 in park

Adjourn: Motion made by Billy, seconded by Mark. Adjourned at 8:02

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