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Association Services is the Westwood Estates management company

Realtors, Title Companies, et al.: Association Services handles all business for Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association.


427 Dellwood
Bryan, TX

The 2013 Annual Meeting is Mon. Jan. 21

UPDATE: Annual Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Dear Property Owner,

The annual meeting for Westwood Estates is scheduled for Monday 21 January 2013 at Mary Branch Elementary cafeteria at 7:00 pm. Attached is a Proxy* for voting consideration. We ask that you complete it and return it to the Association by (choose any one):

In addition to other Association business, the following items will be covered:

  • Revising the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions. See the proposed updated Deed Restrictions here (PDF). Each change is noted in bold with “Yes/No” checkboxes for you to indicate your approval/disapproval of each proposed revision.
  • Late HOA dues and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.
  • The fiscal report will be submitted by the Treasurer.
  • Elections of new Board members.

If you are able to attend the meeting, your Proxy will be returned to you. Please provide us an email address so you can be added to our mailing list. We frequently update our web site with important information and you will be automatically updated via email.



* There was originally a typo in the proxy posted 1-8-2013. It is fixed now.

Neighborhood Night Out Block Party Tuesday 6-8 in the Park

Last year, Bryan Fire Dept. came to show the neighborhood kiddos everything about the new fire trucks down the street at the new station. A few brave kids even got to start the truck!

This year we’ll be meeting as a neighborhood; all blocks invited to come together for a Westwood Estates All-Block Party in the Park from 6:00 – 8:00pm this Tuesday Oct. 2!

We’ll have plenty of food cooked outdoors thanks to Mike and Laura Stafford. Bryan Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Mike Watson is scheduled to come to meet neighbors, give us advice on keeping Westwood Estates safe and to answer questions we may have.

But one of the most important reasons for National Night Out is to meet our neighbors, and be ready to help each other keep a close watch on each others’ properties and vehicles.

And maybe to make new friends! We hope to see you Tuesday 6-8 in the Park!

New address for website

While the original one will still work, the new one should be easier to remember and share with your neighbors:

You can type the “www.” before it if you like, but no need. It’ll work as shown above.

Proposed updates to the Deed Restrictions

As we stated leading up to our annual meeting,

With the coming of the Health Science Center and the Biomedical Corridor, our neighborhood has the potential to see substantial increase in the value of our homes. Not staying current on our paperwork can and almost certainly will cost each of us by reducing or limiting our property values. Our deed restrictions and bylaws are over 25 years old. They need updating.

Our current Deed Restrictions are posted here.

Here is a PDF with some current suggested revisions: WECIA Updated Deed Restrictions- public comment. This shows where the currently-suggested changes are.

If you’d like, please

Mosquito dunks available

Not welcome here.

Anyone who has standing water on or near their property, James Carter has picked up 100 mosquito dunks from the City of Bryan to distribute to Westwood residents who can use them. Each dunk will treat 100 sq. ft.

Mr. Carter is at 3200 Wilderness, phone 979-779-0675 email

He has offered to deliver, or residents may pick dunks up at Mr. Carter’s.

Remain vigilant!

Ransacked truck

A resident on Rolling Glen reported a ransacked truck. We must watch out for one another as well as ourselves.

Something suspicious? ANYTHING suspicious? Call the police:

Crime Stopper’s Report Line: 361-3888
Bryan Police Department’s regular number: 209-5300
Of course, in an emergency dial 911

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From the Architectural Control Committee

Some nice lawns on Westwood Main

The Architectural Control Committee of Westwood Estates wishes to remind all property owners in the Subdivision that it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain an attractive front yard at all times. This enhances the value of everybody’s investment.

Yards should be maintained all the way to the street curb. Failure to do so is a violation of our Subdivision Restrictions and Covenants and it is also a violation of City Ordinance. The City could impose fines and recovery costs through the Code Enforcement office. Litter and grass overgrown above the curb present an unkempt and unsanitary appearance.

Thank you!


Park Work Day May 19, 8am – noon

Last year’s work days went very well, with much accomplished. We look forward to seeing people come out this year!

Last year we had two work days, with a great deal of work needed and a great deal of work completed. This year there are fewer tasks, but still a need for as many who are able.

We’ll be concentrating on clearing brush, including in the numerous trails in the woods, and hauling it to the curbs. Also, there are many trees needing trimming, and a few dead ones to be cleared out.

We look forward to seeing everyone who can contribute some time on Saturday the 19th!

All who contributed to the work last year are greatly appreciated!

2012 Annual Meeting Report

Bryan PD Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Mike Watson addresses the meeting

The 2012 Annual Meeting was held Monday, January 16, 7pm at Mary Branch Elementary.

Twenty-one (21) members attended (representing 27 votes) along with 66 proxies representing 99 votes. The total count of votes present, in person or by proxy, was 126. 

As always, we needed a quorum of 25% of the 193 members (49), or their proxies, to officially hold the meeting. Proxies were distributed by hand and were also be available for download on the WWE website.

The following items were covered:

  1. Late dues penalties and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.
  2. The need to update the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions and Bylaws. According to our bylaws, a simple majority of residents (193/2 = 96.5 + 1 = 98) have to approve starting the process of updating the Association’s Bylaws and Deed Restrictions. This process, once initiated, may take 3-6 months to complete and will incorporate public comment. A Special Vote will be held later to approve changes. The Board recommended a “Yes” vote. This passed:
    • Votes YES: 106
    • Votes NO: 20
  3. Elections of new Board members. Mark Coppock and James Carter were elected to serve 2-year terms.
  4. The fiscal report was submitted by Treasurer Walter Kamphoefner.