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WECIA Board meeting of Monday, Sept. 12, 2022

Call to order: 7:04  by Billy Evans

Board Members present: Billy, Elaine, Mark, Mike

Others: Laura Stafford, 3009 Westwood; Sabrina

Minutes/Previous Meeting Notes: motion made by Mike Stafford, seconded by Mark Coppock, Motion carried after correcting the spelling of resident’s name

Treasurer’s Report

$31,939.52 current balance.  Elaine is working on getting last 6 months statements and reviewing them. This is in progress. Billy will upload into Trello

Block and Officer’s Report

  • Snakes are out and about
  • Trash from the Aggie Shacks by bridge. Elaine reported to Code Enforcement after cleaning up 3 bags. 

Old Business

  • Power Service Pole- 2 bids- Univ. Electric Service $1505 and BCA Electric at $1405, but bid is from March. Billy made a motion to accept bid up to $1650 with installation.  Board appointed Billy to oversee installation. Billy will vet bidders and follow through. Mike is clearing around old pole to allow for access. 
  • Action on Top Debtors: Association services will be authorized to collect fees via attorneys for owners in arrears over $300. Mike will speak with Association Services to direct them to proceed. 
  • Neighborhood Watch signage: City only ordered 4 signs and will order 5 more. City will install. 
  • Park Improvements in Progress:leak by water fountain in progress. Mike will submit proposal for repairing/refurbishing merry go round with both powder coat and with paint by next meeting. 
  • Newsletter- Mark in charge. Goes out 2 times per year. Board will approve and it will go out with next event fliers. 

New Business

  • National Night Out: Sabrina  will host National Night Out and Halloween. Elaine will register with City. Mike made motion to cap food costs at $500.Chile, hot dogs, frito pies, water, capri,cookies. Billy made motion to approve. Motion carried.  Sabrina will create flier with 2 sides- national Night out/Halloween. Mike will get 200 copies and pass out to block captains. 
  • Halloween: Sabrina will host. Pizza and water. Billy will work out deal with Pizza Hut. Prizes for 4 age groups. Infant to Pre-K- goodie bags for all, K-2nd, 3rd-6th, 7th and up will get gift cards for two categories TBD at night of event. Categories may include: best homemade, scariest, funniest, cutest, etc. 
  • Laura will ask BISD student ambassadors to help with both events while promoting Habitat for Humanity. 
  • Billy suggested new water lines for park. Will need bids from plumbers to determine feasibility.

Next Meeting

Oct. 4 at 7:00 in park, following National Night Out

Adjourn: Motion made by Mike, seconded by Mark. Adjourned at 8:25 p.m. 

WECIA Board meeting of Monday, June 20, 2022

Call to order: 7:01 by John Byers
Board Members present: Billy, John, Mark, Mike
Others: Patti, of Rolling Glenn; Amy, of Hummingbird; Laura Stafford, 3009 Westwood Main

Minutes/Previous Meeting Notes: motion made by John Byers, seconded by Mike Stafford, Motion carried, with the correct spelling of Billy’s name

Treasurer’s Report

$8000 gross net since May. Income from dues being paid. Elaine is working on getting last 6 months statements and reviewing them. This is in progress.

Current Dues = $80 year.

Block and Officer’s Report

Homeowner suggested speed bumps for speeders on Westwood Main

Mike requests temporary radars each year at start of school, and higher police presence

Complaints about vehicles on blind curve. Mike will talk with B. Bean about possibly painting curb red on one side

Complaints about overgrown trees and brush by 4-plexes. Mike will speak with Gene Savage about cutting it back.

Mike will connect with NET officer regarding complaints as well.

Old Business

Power Service Pole – 2 bids- Univ. Electric Service $1505 and BCA Electric at $1405, but bid is from March. Billy made a motion to accept bid up to $1650 with installation by Sept. 1. Board appointed Billy to oversee installation. Billy will vet bidders and follow through. Motion made by Billy, MIke seconded motion, motion carried. We may be tax free. Mike will check on this.

Action on Top Debtors: Association services will be authorized to collect fees via attorneys for owners in arrears over $300. Motion made by Mike, seconded by Mark, motion carried. Mike will speak with Association Services to direct them to proceed.

Neighborhood Watch signage: B. Bean with city of Bryan is in progress of getting costs to replace the signage. Mark took pictures of all old, faded signs. Mike working on costs with board approval up to $350.00. In addition, Mike is trying to get Community of Bryan signage for Tradition entrance and for North Westwood entrance.

Park Improvements in Progress: new hoses, weed killer, and ant poison purchased. New trash can still in progress. Merry go Round needs repairs. Mike will check costs to repair rusty pieces, new bearings, and paint. Bid due at September meeting

New Business

Newsletter – Mark will be in charge and be “voice” for the board. Newsletter will be 2-sided and be ready before National Night Out. Mike will ask Sabrina if she will host National Night Out and Halloween. Patti will be glad to pass out Rolling Glen or any street needed.

Next Meeting

September 12 at 7:00 in park

Adjourn: Motion made by Billy, seconded by Mark. Adjourned at 8:02

Association Services is the Westwood Estates management company

Realtors, Title Companies, et al.: Association Services handles all business for Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association.


427 Dellwood
Bryan, TX

The 2013 Annual Meeting is Mon. Jan. 21

UPDATE: Annual Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Dear Property Owner,

The annual meeting for Westwood Estates is scheduled for Monday 21 January 2013 at Mary Branch Elementary cafeteria at 7:00 pm. Attached is a Proxy* for voting consideration. We ask that you complete it and return it to the Association by (choose any one):

In addition to other Association business, the following items will be covered:

  • Revising the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions. See the proposed updated Deed Restrictions here (PDF). Each change is noted in bold with “Yes/No” checkboxes for you to indicate your approval/disapproval of each proposed revision.
  • Late HOA dues and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.
  • The fiscal report will be submitted by the Treasurer.
  • Elections of new Board members.

If you are able to attend the meeting, your Proxy will be returned to you. Please provide us an email address so you can be added to our mailing list. We frequently update our web site with important information and you will be automatically updated via email.



* There was originally a typo in the proxy posted 1-8-2013. It is fixed now.

Neighborhood Night Out Block Party Tuesday 6-8 in the Park

Last year, Bryan Fire Dept. came to show the neighborhood kiddos everything about the new fire trucks down the street at the new station. A few brave kids even got to start the truck!

This year we’ll be meeting as a neighborhood; all blocks invited to come together for a Westwood Estates All-Block Party in the Park from 6:00 – 8:00pm this Tuesday Oct. 2!

We’ll have plenty of food cooked outdoors thanks to Mike and Laura Stafford. Bryan Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Mike Watson is scheduled to come to meet neighbors, give us advice on keeping Westwood Estates safe and to answer questions we may have.

But one of the most important reasons for National Night Out is to meet our neighbors, and be ready to help each other keep a close watch on each others’ properties and vehicles.

And maybe to make new friends! We hope to see you Tuesday 6-8 in the Park!

New address for website

While the original one will still work, the new one should be easier to remember and share with your neighbors:

You can type the “www.” before it if you like, but no need. It’ll work as shown above.

Proposed updates to the Deed Restrictions

As we stated leading up to our annual meeting,

With the coming of the Health Science Center and the Biomedical Corridor, our neighborhood has the potential to see substantial increase in the value of our homes. Not staying current on our paperwork can and almost certainly will cost each of us by reducing or limiting our property values. Our deed restrictions and bylaws are over 25 years old. They need updating.

Our current Deed Restrictions are posted here.

Here is a PDF with some current suggested revisions: WECIA Updated Deed Restrictions- public comment. This shows where the currently-suggested changes are.

If you’d like, please

Mosquito dunks available

Not welcome here.

Anyone who has standing water on or near their property, James Carter has picked up 100 mosquito dunks from the City of Bryan to distribute to Westwood residents who can use them. Each dunk will treat 100 sq. ft.

Mr. Carter is at 3200 Wilderness, phone 979-779-0675 email

He has offered to deliver, or residents may pick dunks up at Mr. Carter’s.

Remain vigilant!

Ransacked truck

A resident on Rolling Glen reported a ransacked truck. We must watch out for one another as well as ourselves.

Something suspicious? ANYTHING suspicious? Call the police:

Crime Stopper’s Report Line: 361-3888
Bryan Police Department’s regular number: 209-5300
Of course, in an emergency dial 911

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From the Architectural Control Committee

Some nice lawns on Westwood Main

The Architectural Control Committee of Westwood Estates wishes to remind all property owners in the Subdivision that it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain an attractive front yard at all times. This enhances the value of everybody’s investment.

Yards should be maintained all the way to the street curb. Failure to do so is a violation of our Subdivision Restrictions and Covenants and it is also a violation of City Ordinance. The City could impose fines and recovery costs through the Code Enforcement office. Litter and grass overgrown above the curb present an unkempt and unsanitary appearance.

Thank you!