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Past dues are becoming a problem for the Association

The Board is taking action against past due accounts.

Options being considered:

  • Collection agencies: will charge past due accounts their costs
  • Attorneys: past due homeowners responsible for fees
  • Claim of lien: will cloud title, the $40 filing fee + 18% per annum interest + $40 release fee will be charged to the past due homeowner

Residents who choose not to pay their dues put the the other residents in the position of supporting the upkeep of the neighborhood, while those in arrears benefit.

National Night Out Oct. 4

There's no guarantee that your block will have traditional frito pies like last year's party for Westwood North and South at the Stafford's. But you can hope.

Tuesday, October 4.

Mark your calendars and watch here for details.

From Westwood Estates: Thank you, Clyde Garland

For the past 12 years, Westwood Estates resident Clyde Garland has voluntarily served the people of our neighborhood in at least the following capacities:

  • Researched, interviewed, compiled and written the biannual Westwood Estates newsletters. The newsletter is how this site came into existence; we just took a newsletter and copied and pasted. Creating these newsletters involves a series of time-consuming tasks, including
    • event reports including from the annual meeting,
    • an upcoming events calendar,
    • a detailed fiscal report,
    • a late dues report,
    • block report compilations
    • clearly formatted contact info for each of the Block Captains, Board Members, Architectural Control Committee members and other volunteers
    • a listing of other services utilized by the Association, and
    • various other stories of general interest.
  • Maintaining updated, detailed maps of the lots in the neighborhood, regarding ownership and ownership history, whether the current occupants are owners or renters, dues status, etc.
  • Attending nearly every WECIA Board meeting in the past 12 years, each month offering his comprehensive and historic knowledge as a valuable resource.
  • Working closely with our CPA John Holland, monitoring his work and keeping him updated.
  • More than once, being solely responsible for our ability to hold our necessary annual meeting—by seeing that enough proxies weren’t otherwise going to be collected and going out and collecting them himself.
  • Monitoring the condition of the park, and fixing problems that he’s found.

Clyde has chosen to step down as a volunteer. Our sentiments on that decision can be summarized by these words: Clyde, thank you for your service over the years!!

Westwood Estates Night with the Brazos Valley Bombers July 14

It's Westwood Estates Night with the Bombers!

Update: unfortunately, the board had some last-minute changes and we won’t be able to have a quorum Friday, therefore we won’t have a board meeting at the picnic before the game after all. But the game’s still on, and we look forward to seeing you at the ballpark.

Note: In addition to the game, we’re planning to have this month’s Westwood Estate Board meeting at the ballpark during the picnic time before the game at 6:00….

Come out to the Brazos Valley Bombers game on Thursday, July 14th for Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association Night. The evening starts with a pre-game picnic at 6:00pm. The picnic includes all-you-can-eat hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, chicken sandwiches, baked beans, potato chips, soft drinks and bottled water. After the picnic ends at 7:00pm, head over to the covered grandstand to watch the game in your reserved seats.

Bombers vs. East Texas PumpJacks

Thursday, July 14
6:00pm Pre-Game Picnic/7:00pm First Pitch
Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark – 525 W. Carson Street – Bryan (click here for the Ballpark on Google Maps)

Pre-Game Picnic and Game Ticket: $15/Person

Kids can play on the inflatable games in the Bombers Kids Zone for free all night!
Game Ticket Only: $8/Person
Children 3 and Under: Free

To purchase tickets:

  1. Please go to and click on the Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association logo. Type in the password – westwoodbomber. Then, select your seats and pay online. Tickets will be available for pickup at the ballpark ticket office on gameday. Or –
  2. Contact Justin at (979)-985-5130 or

The deadline to purchase tickets online is Wednesday, July 13th at 5:00pm.

While the Bombers do appreciate you buying early for the special group event nights, especially if you’ll be signing up for the picnic, you can still of course buy tickets at the gate.

Easter Party tomorrow

Friday April 22
5:30 – dark
Westwood Community Park

5:30pm: Food, Snacks, Drinks
6:00pm: Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone Welcome!!!

As always, thanks so much to Laura Stafford who is organizing and providing everything, and bringing the food!

Park Volunteer Days

Park Volunteer Days, last two Saturdays in April, 8am-Noon

April 23 and 30. Y’all come.  The Westwood Board has established the last two Saturdays in April as “Park Volunteer Days.”  Most Board Members will be there with tools and supplies to do various tasks.  The hope is that it will be a fun event, with neighbors working side by side.

Their goal is to avoid having to hire people, which will allow the park to be maintained and maybe even be improved at low cost.

It has been a long standing policy, that if anyone wants something done in the Park and is willing to provide free labor the Association will almost always say “yes” and pay for any materials and any special tools and equipment needed.

However, over the last many years, except for Laura and Mike Stafford, who keep the trash and broken limbs picked up and for a guy who walks along Traditions Dr. now and then picking up trash, there have been no takers.  Hopefully, the Park Volunteer Days will attract more people, so larger jobs can be done.

What follows is a list of work the Board has put together with a guesstimate of what it would cost to hire contractors to do them:

  • Weeds: Remove from graveled playground area. $200
  • Sidewalk: Fix 3’x50’ leading from Dewberry. $1000
  • Paint wall: Seal 4’x60’ wood wall ( 5gal. @ $200 + labor ) = $300
  • Paint bench: Power wash & seal 18”x200’ (15gal). $1000
  • Vines: Remove from shrubs at Westwood Sign & trim. $200
  • Dinosaur: Replace stolen dinosaur. $1500
    • Or, build a wood seesaw on dinosaur spring platform. $300
  • Sprinkler: Fix it for shrubs around canopy. $1000
  • Trees:  Fix watering system for trees. $300
  • Sign:  Replace “Rules” sign on Park bulletin board. $200
  • Clear out growth for 3 picnic areas on hill. $300
  • Tables: Buy and install three picnic tables for above. $800
  • Trails: Trim 400’ nature trail that runs through trees on hill. $400

TOTAL $7200

See you at the Park April 23 and 30!

Recycling pick-up service

Brazos Valley Trash Valet & RecyclingA resident who uses this service requested that they make a presentation to the board at our monthly meeting this past Thursday. Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling offers:

  • weekly pickup of recyclables from your home
  • for Westwood Estates, the cost is $15.95 plus tax per month
  • you use your own (clear) bags
  • you can mix recyclables in the bags—glass bottles and jars (any color), tin, aluminum, metal, cardboard, white paper, and newspapers. They sort it for you later.

If you’re interested in signing up or learning more, here’s the rep who presented to us:

Ron Fox

2011 Annual Meeting Report

The 2011 annual meeting was held Thursday, January 13, 2011 at at Mary Branch Elementary. 15 members attended along with 58 members represented by proxy.

At that time the following members were elected to the Westwood Estates Board of Directors:

  • Andy Merritt
  • Mike Stafford
  • Walter Kamphoefner (re-elected for a second term)

Chris Galindo volunteered to be on the Architectural Control Committee, and Brad Brelsford took over as Block Captain of Dewberry.

Thanks to everyone who attended or signed a proxy, and particular thanks to Gene Savage whose proxies gave us the quorum to have the meeting.

Playground improvements considered

Sketch of the playground area.

Sketch of a proposed idea for covering the playground with a tent-style canopy.

For the last few months, the WWECIA Board has been discussing some upgrades to the playground area in the park. We’ve talked about replacing some of the equipment, changing out the pea gravel for a rubberized surface, and installing a cover/canopy over the area itself to shade the sun.

It’s the last idea that’s getting some traction as the first step to take. Clyde Garland presented the board with some diagrams (shown here) and a ballpark figure of $6K-$10K for the final cost.

Click the second diagram to see some detail of his proposed design. It would consist of six 10′ telephone poles (10′ above ground, buried 4-6′) with two 20′ (above ground) poles acting as the high points.

The board will probably be making a decision to move forward with this or a similar design at our next meeting on August 11. If you have any thoughts to add, or any questions, please contact a board member (you can email us all at and/or attend the Aug. 11 meeting.

Please see and/or add to further discussion in the comments to this post.

Low density polyethylene we hope to use for the playground canopy

Spring 2010 newsletter available

The April 2010 Newsletter of the Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association is available on the Newsletters page. Thanks to Clyde Garland for putting these newsletters together.

One difference in this publication is that the Board voted to suspend automatic mass distribution of the printed newsletter, choosing instead to create this web site and offer them online here. However, if you know of anyone in the neighborhood unable to get to the web site, or for whom it’s inconvenient to do so, please encourage them to contact their block captain or a Board member and one of us will be sure to print one off and bring it to them.

One of the new items in this newsletter is the introduction of a new email address that will forward to each of the Board A link to this address will stay in the “Links” section of this website.