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National Night Out 2014

NNO2014WThis year’s Neighborhood Night Out will be Tuesday, October 7, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm.

Several blocks are having their own block party, and there will be one party in the park for those whose block is not. If you’re not sure, check with your block captain or the email the Board.

We will look forward to seeing you there!

Halloween Party in the park!

Westwood Estates Halloween Party

By the way, there are two black cats who live across from the park. Maybe they’ll come around. 😉

This Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30 – 6:30 in the park.

Bring the kids!!

Neighborhood Night Out Block Party Tuesday 6-8 in the Park

Last year, Bryan Fire Dept. came to show the neighborhood kiddos everything about the new fire trucks down the street at the new station. A few brave kids even got to start the truck!

This year we’ll be meeting as a neighborhood; all blocks invited to come together for a Westwood Estates All-Block Party in the Park from 6:00 – 8:00pm this Tuesday Oct. 2!

We’ll have plenty of food cooked outdoors thanks to Mike and Laura Stafford. Bryan Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer Mike Watson is scheduled to come to meet neighbors, give us advice on keeping Westwood Estates safe and to answer questions we may have.

But one of the most important reasons for National Night Out is to meet our neighbors, and be ready to help each other keep a close watch on each others’ properties and vehicles.

And maybe to make new friends! We hope to see you Tuesday 6-8 in the Park!

Park Work Day May 19, 8am – noon

Last year’s work days went very well, with much accomplished. We look forward to seeing people come out this year!

Last year we had two work days, with a great deal of work needed and a great deal of work completed. This year there are fewer tasks, but still a need for as many who are able.

We’ll be concentrating on clearing brush, including in the numerous trails in the woods, and hauling it to the curbs. Also, there are many trees needing trimming, and a few dead ones to be cleared out.

We look forward to seeing everyone who can contribute some time on Saturday the 19th!

All who contributed to the work last year are greatly appreciated!

Easter Party 2012—everyone is welcome!!

No eggs here yet, but soon.

Friday, April 06
5:30 – dark
Westwood Community Park

5:30 pm: Food, Snacks, Drinks

6:00 pm: Easter Egg Hunt

If you’d like, download the flyer to put on your ‘fridge so you’ll remember!

Halloween Party and upcoming Newsletter

The Westwood Estates Halloween Party is:

Monday, October 31
5:30 – 6:30pm
in the park

Bring your kids!

(note: the flyer says come here for the Fall Newsletter. It will be available in the next few weeks.)

Calendar added to Park Reservation page

To check the availability of the Park for an organized event, go to the Park Reservation page, which now has an interactive Google calendar displayed to show reservation days and times.

Remember, when reserving the park, or any time you use it, you are responsible for taking out your own trash.

See you at the park!

Easter Party tomorrow

Friday April 22
5:30 – dark
Westwood Community Park

5:30pm: Food, Snacks, Drinks
6:00pm: Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone Welcome!!!

As always, thanks so much to Laura Stafford who is organizing and providing everything, and bringing the food!

Park Volunteer Days

Park Volunteer Days, last two Saturdays in April, 8am-Noon

April 23 and 30. Y’all come.  The Westwood Board has established the last two Saturdays in April as “Park Volunteer Days.”  Most Board Members will be there with tools and supplies to do various tasks.  The hope is that it will be a fun event, with neighbors working side by side.

Their goal is to avoid having to hire people, which will allow the park to be maintained and maybe even be improved at low cost.

It has been a long standing policy, that if anyone wants something done in the Park and is willing to provide free labor the Association will almost always say “yes” and pay for any materials and any special tools and equipment needed.

However, over the last many years, except for Laura and Mike Stafford, who keep the trash and broken limbs picked up and for a guy who walks along Traditions Dr. now and then picking up trash, there have been no takers.  Hopefully, the Park Volunteer Days will attract more people, so larger jobs can be done.

What follows is a list of work the Board has put together with a guesstimate of what it would cost to hire contractors to do them:

  • Weeds: Remove from graveled playground area. $200
  • Sidewalk: Fix 3’x50’ leading from Dewberry. $1000
  • Paint wall: Seal 4’x60’ wood wall ( 5gal. @ $200 + labor ) = $300
  • Paint bench: Power wash & seal 18”x200’ (15gal). $1000
  • Vines: Remove from shrubs at Westwood Sign & trim. $200
  • Dinosaur: Replace stolen dinosaur. $1500
    • Or, build a wood seesaw on dinosaur spring platform. $300
  • Sprinkler: Fix it for shrubs around canopy. $1000
  • Trees:  Fix watering system for trees. $300
  • Sign:  Replace “Rules” sign on Park bulletin board. $200
  • Clear out growth for 3 picnic areas on hill. $300
  • Tables: Buy and install three picnic tables for above. $800
  • Trails: Trim 400’ nature trail that runs through trees on hill. $400

TOTAL $7200

See you at the Park April 23 and 30!

Playground improvements considered

Sketch of the playground area.

Sketch of a proposed idea for covering the playground with a tent-style canopy.

For the last few months, the WWECIA Board has been discussing some upgrades to the playground area in the park. We’ve talked about replacing some of the equipment, changing out the pea gravel for a rubberized surface, and installing a cover/canopy over the area itself to shade the sun.

It’s the last idea that’s getting some traction as the first step to take. Clyde Garland presented the board with some diagrams (shown here) and a ballpark figure of $6K-$10K for the final cost.

Click the second diagram to see some detail of his proposed design. It would consist of six 10′ telephone poles (10′ above ground, buried 4-6′) with two 20′ (above ground) poles acting as the high points.

The board will probably be making a decision to move forward with this or a similar design at our next meeting on August 11. If you have any thoughts to add, or any questions, please contact a board member (you can email us all at and/or attend the Aug. 11 meeting.

Please see and/or add to further discussion in the comments to this post.

Low density polyethylene we hope to use for the playground canopy