Playground improvements considered

Sketch of the playground area.

Sketch of a proposed idea for covering the playground with a tent-style canopy.

For the last few months, the WWECIA Board has been discussing some upgrades to the playground area in the park. We’ve talked about replacing some of the equipment, changing out the pea gravel for a rubberized surface, and installing a cover/canopy over the area itself to shade the sun.

It’s the last idea that’s getting some traction as the first step to take. Clyde Garland presented the board with some diagrams (shown here) and a ballpark figure of $6K-$10K for the final cost.

Click the second diagram to see some detail of his proposed design. It would consist of six 10′ telephone poles (10′ above ground, buried 4-6′) with two 20′ (above ground) poles acting as the high points.

The board will probably be making a decision to move forward with this or a similar design at our next meeting on August 11. If you have any thoughts to add, or any questions, please contact a board member (you can email us all at and/or attend the Aug. 11 meeting.

Please see and/or add to further discussion in the comments to this post.

Low density polyethylene we hope to use for the playground canopy

3 responses to “Playground improvements considered”

  1. James Carter says :

    Dear Westwood Board,
    Thank you all for your hard work. I sort of know what is involved.
    While I don’t use the playground, I know it is the center of Westwood Estates, and must be maintained. My only suggestion is that the canopy be made of a durable weather proof material. If it is fabric of any sort, it will not be worth the money.

    • mcoppock says :

      James, we agree 100% that if it’s not a very durable material, we should not do this. Over a year ago, maybe two, Nancy and I put up one of these in our backyard:

      They describe it as low density polyethylene and it has held up amazingly well so far. We’ve only had to tighten the cords once to keep it taut and working perfectly. The wind doesn’t bother it and the rain just comes through without any sagging at all. Our hope is to find this exact kind of material for the playground.

      I went ahead and added a closeup of this material in the post. Thank you, James, for your interest!

  2. Christian Galindo says :

    This looks like a great idea!

    Mark, thanks for the work and the additional info on the type and life expectancy of the tent material. James Carter’s comments above would also apply to the rubberized floor surface.


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