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Lost Sheltie

Sheltie dog

Stryder, formerly missing Sheltie, now found

UPDATE: DOG FOUND!   A story with a good ending!

From Brad Brelsford, Dewberry Block Captain:

On Friday, March 9th, 9:30am, our dog got out of our yard. He is a 20+ pound Tricolor Sheltie named Stryder. It was storming when he got out so I imagine he was disoriented with the rain and thunder.

Coyotes again

photo from the flier

See this Letter to Bryan Residents from the city: Coyote Info Flier.

A resident’s summary in her post to the Westwood Estates Yahoo Group: small dogs and cats on the menu.

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Another lost dog

Black & white Papillon. This is a very small breed, 5-7 lbs. Her name is Molly, she is 8 years old and she is sweet.

If you see her, please call 979-575-7481  or email

Update 9-23: Wow, saw the flyer below while sadly taking down the one for this dog:

click this picture to see it larger

Found dogs

A resident on Westwood Main found these two sweet pups running loose. They don’t have tags or collars but they’re safe and happy and waiting for their owner! Please call Rod at 255-4601 to claim.

Small dogs at large

Found dog

Update: Dog returned to owner! All is well

This little brown and white dog snuck through our front door and made itself comfortable on our couch!

He/she’s safe, but I’m sure wants to go home. If this dog is yours, please call

  • 979-574-7595, or
  • 979-575-7481 or
  • email us.