Another lost dog

Black & white Papillon. This is a very small breed, 5-7 lbs. Her name is Molly, she is 8 years old and she is sweet.

If you see her, please call 979-575-7481  or email

Update 9-23: Wow, saw the flyer below while sadly taking down the one for this dog:

click this picture to see it larger

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4 responses to “Another lost dog”

  1. Linda Frank-Kahil says :

    I’m so sorry to hear this Nancy. Did you find him/her yet? I wish we had a billboard type sign at the stop signs where we enter and leave everyday with pic’s of any lost pets. I’m in and out of the neighborhood frequently and periodically see pets loose in yards, I never know if they belong to that home or not. Linda Kahil

  2. mcoppock says :

    Linda, I’m replying for Nancy. Unfortunately we haven’t found her yet. The Animal Shelter was closed yesterday and didn’t open until noon today, so she’ll be checking in the morning. Thank you for your concern!

    • Linda Frank-Kahil says :

      I was thinking yesterday that if Nancy has the time you might want to take the picture with your phone numbers to each of the vet clinics including A&M that way if a College kid picks her up, they might take her there as their new pet. I use the West Villa Maria Clinic just down the street and I know they would look for her. Best of luck. Keep us posted. Linda

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