From Westwood Estates: Thank you, Clyde Garland

For the past 12 years, Westwood Estates resident Clyde Garland has voluntarily served the people of our neighborhood in at least the following capacities:

  • Researched, interviewed, compiled and written the biannual Westwood Estates newsletters. The newsletter is how this site came into existence; we just took a newsletter and copied and pasted. Creating these newsletters involves a series of time-consuming tasks, including
    • event reports including from the annual meeting,
    • an upcoming events calendar,
    • a detailed fiscal report,
    • a late dues report,
    • block report compilations
    • clearly formatted contact info for each of the Block Captains, Board Members, Architectural Control Committee members and other volunteers
    • a listing of other services utilized by the Association, and
    • various other stories of general interest.
  • Maintaining updated, detailed maps of the lots in the neighborhood, regarding ownership and ownership history, whether the current occupants are owners or renters, dues status, etc.
  • Attending nearly every WECIA Board meeting in the past 12 years, each month offering his comprehensive and historic knowledge as a valuable resource.
  • Working closely with our CPA John Holland, monitoring his work and keeping him updated.
  • More than once, being solely responsible for our ability to hold our necessary annual meeting—by seeing that enough proxies weren’t otherwise going to be collected and going out and collecting them himself.
  • Monitoring the condition of the park, and fixing problems that he’s found.

Clyde has chosen to step down as a volunteer. Our sentiments on that decision can be summarized by these words: Clyde, thank you for your service over the years!!

One response to “From Westwood Estates: Thank you, Clyde Garland”

  1. ncoppock says :


    As Mark was compiling this list of services you have provided for our neighborhood, we both marveled and praised God for your strength of duty and integrity.

    It has been a pleasure to get to know you over the years. It will be a challenge to fill your shoes!

    Nancy Coppock

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