Car Burglaries

From Officer Will Holt of the Bryan Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team (I highlighted some parts):

Car burglaries are continuing to plague both Bryan and College Station.  Both of your HOAs (WWECIA and Rosewood Homeowners Group) have seen a big increase in vehicle burglaries over the last two months.  The bad guys are breaking into cars in neighborhoods like y’alls, which normally are very quiet places to live.

  • PLEASE remove valuables from your car each night.
  • If you must leave them in your car, please hide them.
  • LOCK your car doors.
  • If you see someone in your neighborhood that you know doesn’t belong there, and they are not going directly to and from another household to visit, then report them immediately to us by calling 361-3888 or 911, depending on the circumstances.
  • Record serial numbers for electronic items that you travel with or use in your home, like: iPods, GPS, after-market stereos, firearms, etc.

The vast majority of car break-ins have been “smash and grabs.” Citizens leave their valuables in plain sight, the bad guy sees this from outside the car, breaks the window, reaches in and steals your stuff, and walks away.  It is a very quick crime of opportunity that is hard for us to catch, and little evidence is left behind.  Don’t be a victim!  Thank you.

Officer Holt sends these updates to the Westwood Estates Yahoo Group email list. If you’re not on this list, please sign up. Also, here’s an an attachment with some additional information and reminders he added to his email.


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