Coyotes, Bobcats, and more

Coyote picture from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website

On Christmas Day, a resident on the west side of Westwood Main had a pet chicken killed. No one saw it happen, but feathers were observed on and outside of the outer fence. It appears that the chicken had been taken outside the fence.

These chickens are ordinarily kept in a separate, fenced enclosure within a fenced backyard, but were allowed to walk around in a fenced back yard in the daytime. Some days later, this resident saw a coyote standing outside the fence, and it was not scared off when she approached it on her side of the fence.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010, another Westwood Main resident two doors down from the previous one had her small dog killed by an animal that had left teeth marks on both sides of its body (suggesting a large-mouthed predator) and broken its neck, possibly by shaking it abruptly. This dog was presumably inside its fenced back yard, since it had just gone outside and was barking at something. But it was found just outside the fence after its owner heard it yelp and immediately stop barking.

Numerous residents have reported hearing coyotes howling nearby recently. Bobcats have also been seen. And as recently as 2005, when Traditions was still under construction, a cougar was observed very clearly just off Villa Maria Road east of the Traditions entrance.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website has some excellent information regarding dealing with urban animals whose habitats are being encroached upon. The cougar was reported to them, and the coyotes will be also. If anyone has any additional information or reports, please share them in the comments section.

Please be aware that there is at least one large predator roaming the outskirts of our neighborhood and protect your pets accordingly.

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