WECIA Board Meeting of Monday, April 10, 2023

Call to order: 7:06 pm by Mike Stafford

Members present: Roger Edgar, Clyde Stant, Mike Stafford
Residents present: AJ Renold and son, Ronen, Laura Stafford

Minutes from last meeting approved: minutes not available

Treasurer’s Report

No report

Block Reports


Residents’ Concerns

New “No Parking” signs are awesome! Net officer is trying to get the park sign replaced at the bottom of the hill where it was destroyed by a wreck.

Old Business

Easter in the Park- Mike moved for payment to be made for materials ordered (will save for next year). Roger seconded. Motion carried

Action on top debtors- Approximately 15 residents owe over $300. No current list provided by Association Services.

Newsletter “Your Voice” by Mark Coppock- this will continue bi-annually. Readers and Board members all pleased.

Park Equipment Ideas, plans, form a committee- Billy has possible grant, but no updates. Need to fill in around basketball court to pickleball court will be safer. Ronen is working on Eagle Scout. He will provide a blueprint, materials needed, and approximate costs to tear down the rotting retaining wall and replace it with rocks (Gabion Wall), and the time frame for completion. Ronen will present his proposal at the next meeting. City of Bryan accepting grant proposals for community improvement. Roger suggested security cameras for the park. He will research costs. Possibly just put up Under Surveillance signs as a deterrent to vandalism.

New Business

New Board Positions: President: Mike Stafford, Vice President: Billy Evans, Treasurer: Roger Edgar, Secretary: Clyde Stant, Member at Large: Mark Coppock

Mike made a motion to approve. Clyde seconded. Motion passed.

Park Maintenance and Improvements- see Old Business

What options for management services? Mike asked for the board to interview 2 new companies. Roger suggested they attend a meeting and present what they will offer and the cost.

Roger suggested a group text for communication purposes. Mike will look into the REMIND app for use.

Next Meeting: Mike will call board members for possible dates and will report back to all members. Date not set at this time.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:55 pm. Mike made a motion to adjourn. Roger seconded. Motion carried.

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