WECIA Board Meeting of Monday, February 20, 2023

Call to order: 7:06 by Billy Evans

Board Members present: Billy Evans, Mark Coppock, Elaine Platt, Mike Stafford

Others: Anna Schwalen, Walter Kamphefner, Eric Westerhiem, Laura Stafford

Minutes/Previous Meeting Notes: Mark moved to accept as written, Elaine seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance $32,479.56

Block and Officer’s Report

  • Security lights in park- one light flickers, Mike will report once ground dries up
  • Excessive vehicles at residences- south end of Westwood. Neighbors can report to Code Enforcement 
  • Vegetation damage on city lot- Board authorized Mike and volunteers to cut, trim, and stack vegetation at entrance on Traditions and at entrance on Westwood where bamboo is crushed
  • Take notes from residents on damage to yards, etc. by Metronet contractors.  Board to approach Metronet with a list of damages.
  • Park updates- a company is willing to donate money. Board will seek input from residents and create a proposal for how to update park equipment. 

Old Business

  • Merry go round- Elaine made motion, Mark seconded for Mike Stafford to refurbish Merry go Round by end of March. Board will give $600 upfront for materials once invoice is received with total not to exceed $1200
  • Accounting services- Mike is to make a list of top 10 discrepancies noticed on billing from Association Services. Billy will take a list to services to try to work out issues. Find possible alternatives to Association Services
  • Elections- March 20 at annual meeting. Elaine, Mike, and Mark are up for re-election. Elaine is moving so will not seek position on board. 

New Business

  • Annual meeting/proxies- Laura will type up proxy for board to approve. Wording needs to change to reflect that proxy is good for one year. Proxies will be ready for pick up by board members by Friday, Feb. 25 at 7:00. Annual meeting March 20. Mike made motion, Mark seconded. Motion carried. 
  • Newsletter- Mark will create newsletter with Easter information and also allow for residents’ input into park repairs.
  • Block captains- MIke made a motion to create a committee to reach out to current block captains to see if they are willing to continue as block captains. Mark seconded. Motion carried
  • Budget- Association Services created a budget based on current expenses/income. Mike moved to accept budget, Billy seconded. Motion carried. 
  • Mowing contract- Mike made a motion to mow twice in March for $300 while board seeks mowing contracts. Mark seconded. Motion carried. Invoice will be created and turned in for payment in March. 
  • Insurance renewal- Due March. Mike made a motion for the board to pay insurance by March 1 and get Association Services to get the invoice paid in a timely manner. Billy seconded. Motion carried. 
  • Easter- Mike moved for Easter to be held on Thursday, April 6 from 5:30-7:00. Billy seconded. Motion carried. Laura will talk with Sabrina about hosting together. 
  • Eric Westerhiem, 3013 Hummingbird, requested permission to paint BB court for pickleball and for dirt to be brought in to surround court. Mike made motion for approval, Mark seconded. Motion Passed. Eric will turn in invoices for materials for reimbursement. 

Next Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting: [Changed to Monday, March 27. Inclement Weather make up date: 3/28/2023]

Adjourn: 8:16 motion made by Mike, seconded by Billy. Motion carried. 

One response to “WECIA Board Meeting of Monday, February 20, 2023”

  1. Fran Gelwick says :

    This is Fran Gelwick
    Please correct address given for person to renovate BB court as it is my address

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