Board meeting minutes 4-22-2019

Westwood Estate Community Improvement Association

427 Dellwood, Bryan TX 77801                        


Call to order: 7:11 p.m.

Board members present:   Elaine Platt, Mark Coppock, Shelton Riggins

Others: Mike Stafford,

Minutes from previous mtg.: approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: not available; email Association Services for report


Block and Officer’s Report: attempts are being taken to collect past due HOA dues.

Violations for unmowed yards, trash cans in street, etc. have been reported to city    code enforcement.


Old Business:

86 people attended the Friday Easter party in the park

New Business:

Board has reviewed bid for park maintenance and repairs.

Board approves items 1 – 4 which includes repainting of entrance signs ($326.43) and park signs ($283.24)  repainting the park slide ($188.55) and repairing/replacing soccer goals ($457.45). Total for this maintenance is $1255.67. This work will be completed by John Coppernoll.  He is currently the park maintenance.

Board will set aside for discussion trash can replacement, volleyball net replacement, and park rules sign.

Concerns about the merry-go-round will be discussed.

Easter party expenses will be reimbursed.

Pavilion tables will be washed.


Next Meeting: Monday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at the park



Adjourn: 8:01 p.m.



About elaineplatt

Homeowner in Westwood Estates since 2003

3 responses to “Board meeting minutes 4-22-2019”

  1. Alan Shearer says :

    Thanks all. FYI I replaced the basketball nets this past weekend.

  2. markcoppock says :

    Thanks, looks good!

  3. Fran Gelwick says :

    thank you all…I happily pay dues and really appreciate all the work you do for keeping our neighborhood lively and comfortable.

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