Minutes 8-19-2019


Westwood Estate Community Improvement Association

427 Dellwood, Bryan TX 77801                                  westwoodestates.org


Call to order: 7:10 p.m.

Board members present:    Elaine Platt, Mark Coppock, Shelton Riggins, Michael Brackin, John Byers

Others: Mike Stafford,

Minutes from previous mtg.:approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: $34,190.07


Block and Officer’s Report:attempts are being taken to assure lawns are maintained, cars are appropriately parked.  Other minor complaints will be handled when possible.


Old Business:

Board has reviewed bid for park maintenance and repairs

Board approves repainting of entrance signs ($326.43) and park signs ($283.24) repainting the park slide ($188.55) and repairing/replacing soccer goals ($457.45).  Total for maintenance is $1255.67.  This work will be completed by John Coppernoll.  He is currently the park maintenance.


Board will set aside for discussion; trash can replacement, volleyball net replacement, and park rules sign.


Merry – go – round will be repaired.


Easter party expenses will be reimbursed.


Board will discuss further the park retaining wall.

New Business:

National Night Out party in the park planned for October 1.  Flyer will be at residence doors.



Next Meeting:Monday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at the park


Adjourn: 8:35 p.m.

About elaineplatt

Homeowner in Westwood Estates since 2003

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