The 2013 Annual Meeting is Mon. Jan. 21

UPDATE: Annual Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Dear Property Owner,

The annual meeting for Westwood Estates is scheduled for Monday 21 January 2013 at Mary Branch Elementary cafeteria at 7:00 pm. Attached is a Proxy* for voting consideration. We ask that you complete it and return it to the Association by (choose any one):

In addition to other Association business, the following items will be covered:

  • Revising the Westwood Estates Deed Restrictions. See the proposed updated Deed Restrictions here (PDF). Each change is noted in bold with “Yes/No” checkboxes for you to indicate your approval/disapproval of each proposed revision.
  • Late HOA dues and the status of the Board’s efforts to collect overdue accounts.
  • The fiscal report will be submitted by the Treasurer.
  • Elections of new Board members.

If you are able to attend the meeting, your Proxy will be returned to you. Please provide us an email address so you can be added to our mailing list. We frequently update our web site with important information and you will be automatically updated via email.



* There was originally a typo in the proxy posted 1-8-2013. It is fixed now.

4 responses to “The 2013 Annual Meeting is Mon. Jan. 21”

  1. Clyde Garland says :

    Clyde Garland reports:

    In the event a new R&R is approved, the Board will have to decide how to file it. Attaching each signature to the new R&R would cost thousands of dollars in filing fees. The filing would still need a signed, notarized document authenticating the signature sheets. Since the signature sheets are attached, a tally sheet would be very helpful.

    Instead of filing the signature sheets (with a tally), consider filing a one page document authenticating the new R&R. Possible wording follows:
    “Per signatures below, the attached new R&R received a majority of 98% or more. All vote totals were reviewed at WW’s 1/21/3013 Annual Meeting and vote totals were verified by the Board.”

    The Board Members who are willing to go on record for the above statement should then have their names printed, wth their titles, plus their signatures. (If there are less than three listed, then the document has a weak foundation.)

    The Board could have a notary attend the next meeting and hopefully all Board members will be there, and the notary watches each person sign and he notarizes their signatures.

    Or, more practical, do the above without a notary, but add a notary section at bottom for one person to sign, which simply states:
    “I (print name) believe this document to be accurate.
    (signature) (notary will date signature and apply seal)

    (County will then apply their seal, which has no bearing on how valid the document is. The county is simply verifying what date the document was filed.)

    When he R&R draft is ready, it should be given to someone (like me) to make sure the new changes are correct (worded exactly as it was voted on) and more importantly to make sure the wording that was not changed is correct. That is, make sure new R&R still has the same wording as its predecessor. When the previous R&R was typed into a computer, it is extremely likely that errors occurred.


    • markcoppock says :

      Clyde, thanks very much for your suggestions and for offering to help. The board will certainly discuss taking you up on this.

      • Chris Galindo says :

        We just need to do what we did the last time the DRs were updated in 1986: List the names of homeowners legal address,, Sign next to each name and have a witness to sign along. This list would then be attached to the new restrictions and recorded at the County Clerk’s office. It is important that the individual names be shown and that the minimum number is reached to make the new document valid.

        Please check the 1986 recorded document.

      • Chris Galindo says :

        I meant to say “names of homeowners AND THEIR legal address”.

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