Annual Meeting this Thursday

The upcoming annual meeting is scheduled for

Thursday, January 13, 2011
7:00 pm
at Mary Branch Elementary School Cafeteria . Enter at the east entrance, the side facing toward Aerofit.

If you cannot attend, please have your vote represented by proxy. We’ve printed the proxies and they will be distributed in the next few days. If you prefer, or somehow don’t get one, download one here: 2011 Proxy. Then fill it out and bring it to a block captain or a board member.

We will be electing board members to fill three (3) positions. We have three openings on the board, with only two willing candidates. We need at least one other resident, ideally three, to step forward to run for the board.

If less than 25% (49 votes) of the members are represented at the meeting, the meeting will not occur and eventually the Association will cease to exist. (Notice of meeting was in October Newsletter. Per Bylaws, notice of meeting has to be given not less than two weeks before the meeting.)

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