WECIA 2022 Annual Meeting minutes

Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association

Annual Meeting of Monday March 28, 2022 – Minutes

Call to order:  7:00 p.m.

Roll Call:  17 people attended; 4 board members, 11 additional homeowners, 1 member of Association Services, and City of Bryan Code Officer

Minutes from last meeting:  Minutes were approved as posted

Financial Reports:  as of December 31, 2021 balance is $29,476.01

Old Business:

  1.  Unfinished driveway on Westwood Main concerns were brought up to the Code Officer present.  City of Bryan had approved the driveway.  Code Officer will do more research.
  2. Future Annual Meetings will be held in January as stated in the bylaws
  3. Language used on the 2022 Proxy “This proxy to remain in effect for eleven (11) month from the date listed below.” will be changed so that the signed proxy is effective for only the annual meeting it is intended for
  4. Newsletter in print will be delivered to doors on weekend of April 9-10.  This newsletter will include Board of Directors information and other important information.  It will also include the WECIA Easter Egg Hunt party announcement.  Party will take place on Thursday April 14.
  5. New meeting signage will be made as the current signs are old and hard to see.

New Business:

Board member election: There were a total of 67 proxies collected for this meeting, 15 property owners present which equals a total of 82 votes.

  1.  Mark Coppock’s term was up. One new board member has been voted in.  His name is Billy Evans.  His home is on Rolling Glen.
  2. John Byers’ term was up.  However, he will continue to serve on the board.

Adjourn:  8:47 p.m.

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