05-21-2015 minutes

Westwood Estates Community Improvement Association
P O Box 2123, Bryan, TX 77806 westwoodestates.org

MINUTES 5-21-15

Call to order: 7:05 p.m.

Board members present: James C., Walter K., Elaine P., Robert M., Isaac L.
Others present: Mike Stafford

Minutes from previous mtg.: reviewed and accepted
Treasurer’s Report: $32,792.99

Block and Officer’s Report: nothing to report
Old Business:
Playground – 3 additional pieces have been purchased and installed by Lone Star Recreation, Inc. The broken tire swing was taken down and replaced.
Erosion on Rolling Glen – Mike Stafford, Erosion Committee reported erosion concern to City of Bryan. The concern is that a fence has been built across the creek on the Hummingbird side and is causing a backup of creek water around home on Rolling Glen. Mr. Carter made a motion to have the erosion committee ask the City of Bryan to proceed with talking to concerned residents. Elaine P. 2nd the motion. The board voted and the motion carries.
Park Entrance Sign – the sign needs to be replaced. Wording will be addressed at next meeting.

New Business:
Mosquito control – The City of Bryan will provide one case per HOA of mosquito control donuts (52 per case.) These will be available to residents soon. Please contact Elaine Platt.
Absentee President for June Board meeting will be Robert Murphy, Vice President
Number address on home – City ordinance requires that a house number be visible on the home itself; curb or mailbox numbers do not count as visible.

Next Meeting: June 18, 2015 at Walter’s home

Adjourn: 8:15 p.m.

About elaineplatt

Homeowner in Westwood Estates since 2003

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