This subdivision is at a crossroads

UPDATE: The Annual Meeting Proxy is ready. Download the Proxy here.

With the coming of the Health Science Center and the Biomedical Corridor, our neighborhood has the potential to see substantial increase in the value of our homes. Not staying current on our paperwork can and almost certainly will cost each of us by reducing or limiting our property values. Our deed restrictions and bylaws are over 25 years old. They need updating. That means we need at least 98 people or their proxies to initiate this process.

We’ll be posting proposed changes and soliciting member input. We expect the process to take perhaps 3-6 months, but we cannot even begin without a simple majority vote at the annual meeting.

After all the proposed changes are in place, we’ll hold a special meeting to approve them. This meeting will also require a simple majority (50% plus one) vote to approve.

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2 responses to “This subdivision is at a crossroads”

  1. Nancy Granovsky says :

    It would be helpful to Westwood residents if periodic emails could be sent out – I have not received one since July 2010 announcing the 4th of July events. Given the importance of this year’s annual meeting, I think it would be a good idea if you contacted everyone for whom you have email addresses so that we could plan to be present.

    • markcoppock says :

      Ms. Granovsky, we’ll certainly be sending out an email alert to the Westwood Estates Yahoo Group email list; we’re just waiting for our proxy to be finalized (next day or two) so that all aspects of the meeting preparation are in place.

      Your request gives me an idea too; I’ll set it so that people can subscribe to this website by email, i.e., whenever we add something new an email can be automatically sent to those who choose to receive them.

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