March 2021 minutes


MINUTES – MARCH 23, 2021 Board meeting


Call to order:  7:04 p.m. (in the park)

members present:  Elaine, Mark, Michael, Shelton, John

others present:   Mike S.

Treasurer Report:  $36, 559.22

Old Business:  No old business

New Business:  

  1.  past due HOA dues total:  $3,861.00
  2. Annual HOA meeting planned for May 24 at 7 p.m. in the park.  In case of inclement weather, date will be moved forward one day.  All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.   Please bring lawn chairs.
  3. new HOA insurance policy is being considered
  4. curbside car parking complaints will be looked into
  5. park mowing contract submitted by Mike S. has been approved by the board.  Total annual (for 15 mows) is $2220.00
  6. there will be NO EASTER IN THE PARK this year

Adjourn:  7:43 p.m.

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